Monday, February 2, 2015

Kids say the darnedest things...even when vocabulary is limited

If you are my friend on Facebook this is old news but I got such a good reaction from my FB friends and I know many of you do not do FB so I thought it was worth a re-post.

Josh learned the sign for "coffee" last month.  This past weekend, Tyler told Josh it was time to get out of the house and added, "But first we have to go somewhere and  get something for Dad.  Do you know what it is?"  Josh shrugged.  "It is something Dad gets every weekend"  Nothing.  "It's hot"  an instant realization comes across Josh's face and he shouts, "Mom!"
Hee-hee-hee!  That boy is awesome!

I asked Josh how school was.  He signed "teacher" and "funny" while making a bad face.  "Your teacher is not funny?"  He shakes his head and signs again "me" "teacher" "funny" as he shakes his head no.  "Your teacher doesn't think you are funny?"  He nods, signs "4" "talk" and "friends".  "You talk to your friends four times and she told you that you aren't funny?"  Yes.
I love how good he is getting at communicating and all the hilarious things he says.  Even if his teacher doesn't find his antics amusing, I do.

Whenever I ask Josh how he likes his new teacher he twists one side of his face into a slightly sour look and teeters one hand back and forth (think "Eh, she's so-so").  I saw one of the aides from his class last weekend at a restaurant.  I asked her how she felt about the new teacher.  She paused and asked how Josh liked her.  I told her this is what Josh always says and made the face and hand motion.  She laughed and said, "That is exactly how I feel about her too!"  At least he is accurate.

Yesterday I was playing Guess Who with Josh.  I told him that my guy had a mustache.  He started closing my guy and I stopped him.  "He has a mustache.  See?"  Josh signs that he has a beard.  "Well, yes, but he has a beard too."  He looks at me confused.  "Some guys have a beard and a mustache at the same time."  No kidding, Josh looks at me with big eyes, points both index fingers at his temples, then hands extending out fingers extended with a "pckooo" (perfect "mind blown" hands and sound).
He only gets funnier.  I was so worried that I would miss all of the fun things that kids say, and I guess I have missed some, but my kid has some serious humor and is good at expressing it even though it must be hard.

We were talking about Valentine's Day and Tyler asked Josh if he has a girlfriend.  Josh instantly nods yes and says, "Mom".  Tyler asks, "Who's your girlfriend?"  Josh looks at him like he is touched in the head and nods bigger and says louder, with hands held out to his sides palms up, "Mom".

I think that being out in SLC has done Josh some good as far as communication.  He tries harder and puts more together.  He is really coming into his own.

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